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Did the angels who sinned create the dinosaurs?

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Some have been suggesting that in addition to creating giants, the Watchers went on to have sex with animals which resulted in the birth of the dinosaurs. Here's my take...

I don’t think we can use the Book of Enoch as a source for the belief that the Watchers had sex with animals and created the dinosaurs. I’m not saying it did not happen, rather, if it did, the Book of Enoch is silent on the subject. The Book of Enoch simply cannot be used as an authority for the speculation that the Watchers before the flood created the dinosaurs. A friend asked me if Enoch 86 didn’t point to angels copulating with animals. My reading of Enoch 86 is this: Chapter 86 of the Animal Apocalypse, is a visionary narrative of events which were historical at the time when Enoch dreamed it. Chapter 86 tells in vision form the same story as we have in Enoch chapters 7, 8, and 9. “Bulls”, “cows” and “oxen” represent male and female humans in the vision. The “stars” fall and become “bulls”. This refers to angels coming to earth as men. They fornicate with the human cows. Their offspring are called, “elephants, camels, and asses”. This is a reference to the various types of races which resulted from these miscegenations.

The Greek for Enoch 7:2, reads “And they conceived from them and bore to them great giants. And the giants begot Nephilim, and to the Nephilim were born Elioud”.

In the Book of Jubilees 7:22, it reads differently as “the Giants slew the Naphil, and the Naphil slew the Eljo, and the Eljo mankind”.

Perhaps its this:

Elephants = giants
Camels = Nephilim
Asses = Elioud, or Eljo

The truly intriguing fact which comes out of all this is, not all the Watcher children were gigantic, apparently. Rather, the emerging picture looks more like this:

The conclusion is this, there is no authoritative, ancient Scripture that says the Watchers mated with animals and produced the dinosaurs.

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